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Our goal is to 

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All of our trainees have their unique requirements. A few struggle with injuries or difficulties after hitting thirty, while most feel they lack the self-discipline to attain their dream physique and mental well-being. Many men who trained with us believed that being vegetarians, they’d never have 6-pack abs or big biceps, and most women had given up hopes of fitting into the jeans they wore in their 20s. They had accepted that this is how their lives would be before they came across Alpha Coach.

However, the change we offer goes beyond having a 'perfect body.' Our goal is to get you to your healthiest state: that place where you are completely transformed in body, mind, and spirit, free from the doubts and fears that hold you back from reaching your true potential. After years of taking our clients through our proprietary 3RT process, we’re proud to say that they know how to maintain these changes for themselves with little external assistance; and this is the same promise we make to you.

our Alpha Coaches.
Coach Amit Yadav
Amit is internationally certified in Advance Personal Training and Special Population from Golds Gym Fitness Institute. He specialises in Posture Correction, Functional Training, Strength Training, HIIT, Mobility Training, Body & Balance, Animal Flow, Movement and Flexibility.
Coach Sanjana Arora
Certified by the K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences, Sanjana specializes in nutrition consultations, Exercise Science, and Dietary Education. Having undergone a fat-loss transformation herself, she’s committed to assisting people who want to lose fat, deal with chronic obesity-related diseases, gain muscle, and be healthy and happy through their fitness journey.
Coach Abhijit Bangera
Abhijit is a certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Functional Trainer L2, and a Kettlebell Instructor. Specializing in Strength training and conditioning, Lifestyle Management, and Body Transformation for the last six years, he helps his clients live the healthy and fit life they always wanted.
Coach Deepa Kenny
As a certified Nutritionist for the last five years, Deepa’s core skills include diet planning for weight loss and Therapeutic Diet Planning. She achieves the best results for her clients by understanding their goals and guiding them through their journeys with effective and wholesome nutrition plans.
Coach Karan Gupta
Karan is a Personal Trainer, specialising in Strength and Conditioning. From his personal experience of successfully overcoming his own weight management issues, he truly believes that “all progress takes place when you step outside your comfort zone”.