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When 'Personalized'
just isn't good enough.

You don’t need to fit your program. Your program needs to fit you.
Reach your health & fitness goals frustration-free.

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Hyper-personalised fitness coaching by Alpha Coach.

It’s not an exercise and nutrition program that works for ‘everyone’. It’s a fully customized fitness program by your assigned Alpha Coach meant only for you.

Your program, your:
  • starting point
  • food preferences
  • needs
  • work schedule
  • Pace
  • Goals
starting point,
food preferences,
work schedule,
Start in just 3 steps!
Meet your coach:
Once you’ve registered and installed our app, take the in-app questionnaire. Are you looking for a pre-natal weight loss program? Do you want to build muscle and feel stronger and lighter? Would you prefer a female coach? Tell us everything!
Get on a one-on-one deep-dive call with your assigned coach so that he or she fully understands your requirements. Our goal is to design an enjoyable fitness lifestyle that gets you results!
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Everything you need, from access to your personal coach to your daily tasks are all on your Alpha Coach app – so start smashing those goals!
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What do you need from your online personal coach?

Take the time to listen and understand your needs.
Consider your access to gym equipment, your goals, needs, and comfort level.
Help you comfortably meet daily workout goals, no matter how busy your day is.
Provide a healthy nutrition plan based on your eating habits and preferences.
Build positive long term habits related to nutrition and workouts.
Adjust your workout and nutrition programs based on your progress.
Account for your medical & health concerns, previous injuries etc.
Be at hand, be objective, and keep you accountable.
Keep up the pace whether you are at home or traveling.
Never starve you or include foods you'll never eat.

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It’s not only about reaching your goal.

Equip yourself with the right long term habits to help you maintain your dream physique long after your program has ended. Our proprietary 3RT process (Reset, Reboot, Renew and Transform) accounts for your nutrition and workout needs of today while continuously building healthy long-term habits.

Find out how it works!

The Alpha Coach App: Where high tech meets high touch.

As simple as;
Sync your smartband
Track your real-time data (your steps, sleep, etc.) on the app.
Daily activity
Chat with your coach on the go and log your completed workouts, nutrition and build a habit streak!
Weekly feedback
Send your feedback to your coach on what you think worked and how you’re feeling and get video feedback from your coach.
And your program is hyper-personalized to your needs every week!
Based on your progress, your coach makes appropriate adjustments directly on your Alpha Coach app. It's that seamless.

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It’s everything you need on just one app.

Ease of Use:
Our easy-to-use app interface allows you to:
  • Sync and track your data from your new Fitbit Inspire 2
  • Get weekly meal plans and recipe options
  • Log your daily meals and workouts
  • Follow instructional workout videos with a built-in rest timer
  • Send your weekly photos & measurements to your Coach
  • Chat with your coach using the in-app chat
Hyper-personalized Training & Nutrition Plans:
Your training and nutrition plans are uploaded to the app by your Alpha Coach, and you'll be prompted to complete your Daily Success Checklists to make sure you nail your daily goals.
Conversations come to life:
‘Ping’ on the app for your coach's attention! Share your struggles and concerns, and transmit media at anytime, anywhere. You'll never have to book another Zoom call ever again.
Monitoring your success:
Easily upload your weight, measurements, progress photos, and exercise form videos to the app straight from your phone.
Guiding you on every step:
Our technology provides deep insights to your Coach across parameters so they can adjust your program to get you the best results efficiently and without frustration. You'll never be alone on this journey.
Weekly check-ins & video feedback:
Your opinion matters. Share your thoughts on what worked and what didn't, what you struggled with, and what you enjoyed so your Coach can take it into account when adjusting your tasks for the next week.  Likewise, your Coach will respond weekly with video feedback on how you fared and how to keep things moving in the next week.

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